Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Voting Because God is in Control

Christian, what if you received a phone call from the Prime Minister of England to travel (with the Holy Spirit, of course) to their office to anonymously pray and weigh in on a very important global decision? Would you go? Would you take the invitation to bring the Holy Spirit into such a global-impacting opportunity? Of course you would. If you said “no” to this hypothetical question, you are either over-introverted or choosing spiritual impotence. Either way, you would have chosen poorly.

This election cycle, there have been a number of high profile “Christians” who have encouraged other Christians to not vote. And, in doing so, they have cleverly invoked the argument of God’s sovereignty. In paraphrase, “You don’t need to vote because God is in control anyway.” That is spiritual impotence. This all sounds well and good as they cite irrelevant scripture. But, the problem is that you cannot separate God’s sovereignty from personal responsibility. The fact is that both are Biblical and intertwined in a way we may never understand. Yes, God can work His will without us. But, in His sovereignty, God works His will most often through us. As an analogy, apply this same spiritually impotent thinking to missions. God is also in control of the entire world and all missions work. Does that mean you should sit back and not influence others with your faith? No, and the reason is precisely because God is in control. The fact that God is in control inspires us to act as His influence in almost every sphere in the world in which we are Ambassadors for Him. And, the reasons that you don’t like your choices for President in 2016 do not change this reality. In fact, if you trust in God's sovereignty in faith, then you believe that God will vote on November 8th. Why would you not follow Him into the booth and onto the ballot? Said another way, God is sovereign, but He does not drive parked cars.

In 2008, it was reported that approximately 17 million “evangelicals” did not vote in the Presidential election. Four years later, Romney garnered even less votes than McCain did in 2008. That brings us to a rather obvious conclusion. If Christians all voted as they should, we would have influence and we might have avoided the spiritual carnage of the past 8 years. But, you might say, that was God having His will in 2008 and 2012? Yes, Christian, we can never look at the past and declare that God was not in control. But, we must ask ourselves for what and why is God controlling whom? If we don’t vote, and a deadly, semi-tyrannical agenda is shoved down our throats, it is self-condemning to then rest on the statement that God was in control while we did nothing. Yes, God was in control of your defenseless inaction. And, maybe He allowed 8 years of oppression to wake you up out of that impotence. Did you consider that? Did you consider that abstaining from voting is not treating earthly citizenship and God-given dominion responsibly? God ordained self-government in Genesis and voting is the foundation of self-government. Our Heavenly citizenship overrides all others, but does not exempt us from being responsible with all others.

With regards to not liking any of the candidates, that does not excuse wasting our opportunity to influence the political realm. For example, I am reminded of an informing episode in Luke 9:49-50 which records, “John answered, ‘Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he does not follow with us.’ But Jesus said to him, ‘Do not stop him, for the one who is not against you is for you.’” We absolutely can support a candidate that is not like us, but is for what we support. A candidate not being like us is no reason to stop that candidate. Even if a candidate is not a Christian but openly fights for religious freedom, the unborn, marriage and Israel, we should not stop that candidate, because it is irresponsible and disrespecting God's control. The impending evils we face as a nation can't be blinded from us by individual issues.

On November 8th, every free, American Christian is invited into a voting booth to influence the greatest decision probably in the entire world this year. Christian, you are invited to bring the Holy Spirit that resides in you into this election via a voting booth. It is foolish to not take advantage of this invitation. The God who is in control is also in control of you being given an open invitation to vote. We understand that you don’t like the choices. Maybe we never should like the choices. But, consider the following challenge: God will vote, so commit to vote. Go into the booth and kneel to pray if you have to. Imagine the testimony of Christians all over America kneeling in voting booths! As you pray, pray about every race, including the Presidential race. Listen for the Holy Spirit’s still small voice. Then vote in every single race, even while on your knees if you have to. But, vote. Vote for the Presidential candidate for whom God urged you. Regardless of who you vote for, imagine the glory that this will bring to God and the witness to our nation. You truly have no good reason to ignore or fail this challenge to join God in the booth.

In conclusion, God resides in our body vehicles for us to take the Holy Spirit into every sphere of influence, small and large, in which we can take the Holy Spirit, especially in those spheres into which we are invited by God and man. November 8th is a divine invitation from God and with God. Take the Holy Spirit there, listen to His voice, and vote for whom He asks you to vote. If you foolishly sit this one out only to punish our posterity as a result, our posterity will one day inquire of your role in this. There is no shame or regret in following this challenge. But, I have never met a single Christian who in hindsight was proud of the fact that they did not vote. Abstaining from voting does not make us a better Christian – but, it does make us a less effective one. Vote with God and for God!

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