Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More Scientific Evidence that God Wrote the Bible

In my book, “Reason If You Will” I dedicate a chapter to “Scientific Discoveries in the Bible.” This chapter details several indisputable examples of science recorded in the Bible that was much later credited as discoveries by modern scientists in the 20th Century. The authors who wrote these sections in the Bible recorded knowledge that surpassed their own, and even that surpassed all of mankind until after 20 centuries of intellectual advancement by man. Even though these scientific discoveries are credited to modern scientists, their record in the ancient Bible is largely ignored. Anthropologically speaking, this evidence is ignored because it supports that the Bible is in fact authored (inspired or breathed) by supernatural intellect - God Himself. Another example of such modern science in the ancient Bible is that of the scientific law that suggests that the universe is expanding – Hubble’s Law. Since Hubble’s Law was credited as being discovered in the 20th Century, what does it suggest the Bible records that the universe was “stretched out” 20 centuries before the birth of the scientist after which the  law is named?

In physics, redshift occurs when light from an object is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the light spectrum. In general, "redder" means an increase in wavelength, in accordance with the wave and quantum theories of light. A redshift occurs whenever a light source moves away from an observer. A special instance of this is the cosmological redshift, which is credited to the expansion of the universe, and sufficiently distant light sources show redshift corresponding to the rate of increase in their distance from Earth. This is based in large part of the belief that “red shift” indicates that the stars and galaxies are moving away from each other. And, this indicates that the universe is in fact expanding, or being stretched out. 

“Stretching” implies that the universe has increased in size from its original creation. In other words, in accordance with Big Bang cosmology, the universe has stretched to larger dimensions than the first moment of the Big Bang. And, apparently, it has continued to be stretched. We believe that God has stretched it out. God has expanded it (and is perhaps still expanding it). The verses that we are about to examine recording the stretching out of the universe must have seemed strange to the readers as the universe stretching was not something that they could have observed. In fact, ancient star maps appear virtually identical to the night sky today. And, most of the verses below are direct quotes from God to the authors. The authors faithfully wrote down what God said, in spite of how strange it might have sounded at the time during a period where science could not confirm what they were hearing. We read these verses with today’s intellect, we see this as obvious, and pass over this recorded science as if it means nothing. But, this evidence proves an intellect in the Bible that surpasses 20 centuries of scientific advancement of the entirety of mankind. What does that suggest?

Even secular scientists until fairly recently believed that the universe was eternal and unchanging. The idea of an expanding universe would have been considered nonsense to most scientists prior to Edwin Hubble, among others in the 20th Century. For reference, Hubble, who died in 1953, is widely credited with the discovery that the universe is expanding, which is why this scientific law is named Hubble’s Law. But, the first to record this law was in fact the prophet Isaiah centuries before the birth of Christ. By that token, shouldn’t secular science name this Isaiah’s Law? Shouldn’t we Christians name this God’s Law? If we don’t credit this observation of the universe expanding until the 20th Century, what does it suggest that the Bible recorded this faithfully 20 centuries earlier? Did the authors of these books of the Bible possess adequate intelligence to make scientific statements that would scream of science that eludes man for 2,000 years? The answer is clearly “No!” By today’s standards, the authors of these books in the Bible were scientific simpletons. The fact that this is written in the Bible by several simpletons spanning 500 years of authorship affirms the assertion that the Bible was indeed breathed by God through men. Seven books of the Bible record this scientific law consistently. A sampling of these verses is below:

  • Isaiah 40:22 says, “who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in.”
  • Isaiah 42:5 says, “Thus says God, the Lord, who created the heavens and stretched them out.”
  • Isaiah 44:24 says, “I am the Lord, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens.”
  • Isaiah 45:12 says, “it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host.”
  • Isaiah 48:13 says, “my right hand spread out the heavens.”
  • Isaiah 51:13 says, “and have forgotten the Lord, your Maker, who stretched out the heavens.”
  • Jeremiah 10:12 and Jeremiah 51:15 say, “by his understanding stretched out the heavens.”
  • Job 9:8 says, “who alone stretched out the heavens.”
  • Job 37:18 says, “Can you, like him, spread out the skies, hard as a cast metal mirror?”
  • Psalm 104:2 says, “covering yourself with light as with a garment, stretching out the heavens like a tent.”
  • Zechariah 12:1 says, “Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him.”

With regards to that last verse in Zechariah, notice the order of events: (1) stretched out the heavens, (2) founded the earth, and (3) formed man. That order is also precisely consistent with our modern day scientific cosmology. All of this advanced science was recorded many times, across seven books by seven authors spanning over 500 years of authorship. In some instances it is stated figuratively, but in most instances they are direct quotes from God Himself that are made literally.

In conclusion, the Bible continues to present evidence that we choose to ignore. The world ignores it because they refuse to acknowledge the Bible’s veracity for fear of accountability for our sin. But, why do God’s people ignore it? If you are a Christian, you should be reading this and not only be encouraged by this fact. You should celebrate it. Keep the Faith!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Electoral College and Ignorance

Thank God the 2016 Presidential election is over. Or, are we thankful? After all of that pain, some actually want to prolong the suffering by protesting, challenging, arguing, petitioning, insulting, accusing, disrupting, and so on. It is sad to watch so many who attacked Trump for not pre-agreeing to accept the outcome of the election, only to hypocritically reject the outcome of the election and with graphic insults and violence. And, this is ironically from the chanters of “Love trumps hate!” From an intellectual point of view what is most saddening are those who wish to extend this nasty fight by challenging the Constitutional law regarding the Electoral College in hindsight. Don't those who thus engage match the definition of sore losers? Regardless, this is possibly a grand display of ignorance for those who actually attended their high school class on American civics. It is even a further irony as in the run up to the election, in light of Trump’s surging in the polls, in a desperate attempt to continue to spin the narrative towards a Clinton victory, these same objectors applauded the notion of Trump winning the popular vote but losing to Clinton by her winning the Electoral College. They found this notion pleasing and thrilling, that is until the inverse happened.

So in response to this clear and compelling defeat, there is a growing movement to foolishly undo the Constitutional convention of the Electoral College. And, this movement is directly correlated with a rising level of national ignorance of the Constitution and the centuries-cherished notion of Republic. The name given to this ignorance is the National Popular Vote (or NPV). Aside from this being the most foolish movement in the direction of mobocracy, there are a few things this movement fails to understand (a.k.a. ignore). Those simple concepts of American civics that are hatefully ignored by the NPV movement are the following:

  • Republic trumps democracy
  • State sovereignty trumps the Federal Government
  • The rule of law trumps the rule of man
  • Representative self-government trumps centralized oligarchy

The beauty of the Electoral College lies in the very name of our country itself. Our country is not named America - its name is the United States of America. Our country represents a union of 50 separately sovereign states. And, there were 50 separate elections held in each of those states in 2016. In each state, there are unique election and voting laws that apply to that state. For example, some states require identification while others don’t. Some even allowed non-citizens to vote (which speaks volumes of illogical insanity). And, each state, in an exercise of its own sovereignty, chooses its own Electors to the Electoral College. That makes the President of the United States, the President of the union of those 50 states not the President of the people. In fact, the national popular vote is constitutionally irrelevant altogether. It is only tallied for anecdotal purposes. Simply, a National Popular Vote is yet another attempt to remove state sovereignty and erase state borders in favor of the establishment known as the Federal Government. If that happens, history teaches us that our freedoms will be the next thing removed.

Interestingly, our Founders saw the notion of pure democracy (like NPV) to be dangerous (click HERE to read some of their quotes at the time). That is why democracy is not mentioned in the Constitution nor is it mentioned in any of the 50 State Constitutions. Our Founding Fathers and the Framers of all of these Constitutions knew the very real danger that pure democracy represents. That is why they created a Republic, not a majority-rule democracy. Republic is a form of democracy that protects from majority rule or mobocracy. In order to memorialize state sovereignty over the Federal Government, the Framers did a few famous things in the Constitution. First, in the 10th Amendment, they enshrined the truth that the highest authority are the individual states who delegate powers down to the Federal Government (not the other way around). The states are sovereign over the Federal Government. Second, they invented the Electoral College forcing any Presidential candidate to appeal to entire states, not just their population centers (or national population centers thereby ignoring the states altogether). Regardless of who won the election in any given year, the Electoral College represents one of the greatest examples of wisdom enshrined in the Constitution. And, we are not alone in this wisdom. The Chief Executive of most modern first world countries is not elected by popular vote. For example, the Prime Minister of England is appointed by the party who wins the most seats in Parliament - he or she is not elected by national popular vote. That is the wise norm.

On another theme constant in this election, the Electoral College further prevents the Presidential election from being stolen by fraud. For example, this year the popular vote was edged by Clinton by a few hundred thousand votes (thanks to California). What if the popular vote determined the president and Republican operatives created 500,000 fake ballots in a Republican run state?  The Electoral College prevents such fraud by confining such an injustice to the state in which it is perpetrated. The NPV movement suggests that individual state electors in the Electoral College should be awarded to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. That would mean if Trump edged Clinton in the national popular vote all of California’s electors would be awarded to him even though she overwhelmingly won California 62% to 33%. Does that make sense to any rational person?

If the left are sore losers with Electoral College, they will be sore losers with an NPV. First of all, if NPV had been in place, the two candidates this year would have modified their campaigns and Trump would have likely won the popular vote anyway. But, imagine if these sore losers had their way with NPV, the Republican edged the popular vote, but had the Electoral College still been in place, the Democrat would have won. They would still be sorely whining losers. Sore losers are the problem, not the Constitution. We should not change our laws to respond to those who behave badly. In fact, sore losers should always be ignored.

In order to simply highlight the ignorance of attacking the Electoral College, allow us to ask a few pointed questions. Should the President be decided by metropolitan counties, ignoring the rural counties? Should the handful of counties containing large populations have the power to select the President every four years? How do rural constituents ever get voting representation under such a system? Isn’t it foolish to set up a system for candidates to campaign under, and after one is the victor under that system, to whine about changing the rules by challenging the system that we asked the candidates to campaign under? Had the NPV been the system under which the candidates campaigned, don’t you think the candidates would have both campaigned radically different than they did? The Electoral College is precisely why the candidates spent so much time in the “battleground states” and not just in high population states. Think about it.

In the end, Trump won 60% of the states and the vast majority of counties. The only reason that he did not win the popular vote is primarily because of states like California and New York. Should those two states determine our President? Are the critics that suggest this simply a small subset of liberals who want to rig the system to make sure liberals always win? Or, are they just not educated? Even worse are they just ignoring what they learned (a.k.a. ignorant)? There are only these three choices. Oh, and remember the whole “it’s the law of the land argument” with regards to abortion and gay marriage? Newsflash: The Electoral College is the law of the land.

Regarding God’s preference, if the King is perfect (like God), God prefers a system of Monarchy - He is the King of Kings. But, if human leaders are evil (and they all are), God prefers distributed and representative self-government and the rule of law, not the rule of man. The best example of this is the twelve tribes of Israel who were separately governed throughout the Bible. In addition, another great example of distributed government is recorded Exodus 18, when Moses’ father-in-law successfully implored Moses to set up a very similar system. Christian, we know that people can’t be trusted, which is why power should be decentralized and representative (or close to the people). Further, that is why God also supported the notion of the rule of law, not the rule of man. The NPV movement seeks to move us away from the rule of law and towards the rule of man. Nothing could be more dangerous to the preservation of the freedoms we value and enjoy. May we never be so foolish.

In conclusion, even if Clinton won the Electoral College and Trump edged the national popular vote, there is no compelling argument to override 240 years of effective Constitutional and global wisdom. If someone never understood these truths about the Electoral College, they should be afforded a little patience if they are willing to learn them. If, however, they know all of the above and argue onward, they are displaying a level of ignorance that deserves a return of the favor. Such ignorance deserves to be ignored as dangerous.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Voting Because God is in Control

Christian, what if you received a phone call from the Prime Minister of England to travel (with the Holy Spirit, of course) to their office to anonymously pray and weigh in on a very important global decision? Would you go? Would you take the invitation to bring the Holy Spirit into such a global-impacting opportunity? Of course you would. If you said “no” to this hypothetical question, you are either over-introverted or choosing spiritual impotence. Either way, you would have chosen poorly.

This election cycle, there have been a number of high profile “Christians” who have encouraged other Christians to not vote. And, in doing so, they have cleverly invoked the argument of God’s sovereignty. In paraphrase, “You don’t need to vote because God is in control anyway.” That is spiritual impotence. This all sounds well and good as they cite irrelevant scripture. But, the problem is that you cannot separate God’s sovereignty from personal responsibility. The fact is that both are Biblical and intertwined in a way we may never understand. Yes, God can work His will without us. But, in His sovereignty, God works His will most often through us. As an analogy, apply this same spiritually impotent thinking to missions. God is also in control of the entire world and all missions work. Does that mean you should sit back and not influence others with your faith? No, and the reason is precisely because God is in control. The fact that God is in control inspires us to act as His influence in almost every sphere in the world in which we are Ambassadors for Him. And, the reasons that you don’t like your choices for President in 2016 do not change this reality. In fact, if you trust in God's sovereignty in faith, then you believe that God will vote on November 8th. Why would you not follow Him into the booth and onto the ballot? Said another way, God is sovereign, but He does not drive parked cars.

In 2008, it was reported that approximately 17 million “evangelicals” did not vote in the Presidential election. Four years later, Romney garnered even less votes than McCain did in 2008. That brings us to a rather obvious conclusion. If Christians all voted as they should, we would have influence and we might have avoided the spiritual carnage of the past 8 years. But, you might say, that was God having His will in 2008 and 2012? Yes, Christian, we can never look at the past and declare that God was not in control. But, we must ask ourselves for what and why is God controlling whom? If we don’t vote, and a deadly, semi-tyrannical agenda is shoved down our throats, it is self-condemning to then rest on the statement that God was in control while we did nothing. Yes, God was in control of your defenseless inaction. And, maybe He allowed 8 years of oppression to wake you up out of that impotence. Did you consider that? Did you consider that abstaining from voting is not treating earthly citizenship and God-given dominion responsibly? God ordained self-government in Genesis and voting is the foundation of self-government. Our Heavenly citizenship overrides all others, but does not exempt us from being responsible with all others.

With regards to not liking any of the candidates, that does not excuse wasting our opportunity to influence the political realm. For example, I am reminded of an informing episode in Luke 9:49-50 which records, “John answered, ‘Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he does not follow with us.’ But Jesus said to him, ‘Do not stop him, for the one who is not against you is for you.’” We absolutely can support a candidate that is not like us, but is for what we support. A candidate not being like us is no reason to stop that candidate. Even if a candidate is not a Christian but openly fights for religious freedom, the unborn, marriage and Israel, we should not stop that candidate, because it is irresponsible and disrespecting God's control. The impending evils we face as a nation can't be blinded from us by individual issues.

On November 8th, every free, American Christian is invited into a voting booth to influence the greatest decision probably in the entire world this year. Christian, you are invited to bring the Holy Spirit that resides in you into this election via a voting booth. It is foolish to not take advantage of this invitation. The God who is in control is also in control of you being given an open invitation to vote. We understand that you don’t like the choices. Maybe we never should like the choices. But, consider the following challenge: God will vote, so commit to vote. Go into the booth and kneel to pray if you have to. Imagine the testimony of Christians all over America kneeling in voting booths! As you pray, pray about every race, including the Presidential race. Listen for the Holy Spirit’s still small voice. Then vote in every single race, even while on your knees if you have to. But, vote. Vote for the Presidential candidate for whom God urged you. Regardless of who you vote for, imagine the glory that this will bring to God and the witness to our nation. You truly have no good reason to ignore or fail this challenge to join God in the booth.

In conclusion, God resides in our body vehicles for us to take the Holy Spirit into every sphere of influence, small and large, in which we can take the Holy Spirit, especially in those spheres into which we are invited by God and man. November 8th is a divine invitation from God and with God. Take the Holy Spirit there, listen to His voice, and vote for whom He asks you to vote. If you foolishly sit this one out only to punish our posterity as a result, our posterity will one day inquire of your role in this. There is no shame or regret in following this challenge. But, I have never met a single Christian who in hindsight was proud of the fact that they did not vote. Abstaining from voting does not make us a better Christian – but, it does make us a less effective one. Vote with God and for God!

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