Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How LGBT and Christianity Are Alike

The LGBT agenda, and the exaggerated outrage over transgenders being suddenly violated by signs on bathroom doors, has brought a fascinating philosophical posture into the limelight of acceptance. In our culture’s zeal to promote gender fluidity, they have aligned themselves with the very principles that they condemn in people of faith. According to this recent controversy, we are told to believe that someone is of the gender to which they self-identify. In other words, even if you lack a "y" chromosome, you can self-identify as a man. Likewise, even if you have a "y" chromosome, you can self-identify as a woman. Our culture now declares and defends the notion of self-identifying gender defying all means of human observation, including scientific observation. In other words, what you can’t observe scientifically is now declared true. And, what science proves to be incontrovertibly false, is also now declared true. Well, what about God?

Before I begin showing how LGBT and Christianity are alike, let’s first explore the similarities between self-identification and God. For decades scientists and their atheist puppeteers have been forcing us, against logic, to deny all that we can’t observe scientifically. As it goes, if we can’t prove God through scientific experimentation, then He does not exist. Ironically, on the issue of gender, society is marching down the opposite path even though they will likely never admit it. And, science remains as the willing puppet. Today, society declares that a man is a woman even though science clearly proves otherwise. In other words, a woman can exist where science says she does not. How is that any different from the notion that God exists in the face of the same circumstances? If a man can self-identify as a woman with zero scientific proof, God can self-identify as God on the same basis. We believe the prior is foolish, but society doesn’t. To further expose the self-identifying absurdities, can an 18 year-old self-identify as a 21 year old in order to drink alcohol if they feel 21? Can a 48 year-old (me, for example) self-identify as a 70 year-old and receive social security benefits? Can a male UFC fighter self-identify as a woman and fight against women UFC fighters? By the way, for those who think these examples are silly, that last example has already happened a few weeks ago to disastrous result.

As prior posts have pointed out citing numerous studies of twins, homosexuals and transgenders, science does not stand behind the principles of the LGBT agenda. There is no “gay gene”. Men are not born women and vice versa. I have heard it even absurdly argued that a mental condition is a product of genetics since it exists as a result of the formation of that person genetically. Unfortunately, all mental mal-conditions fit that broad of an application. But, science does not support that such mental mal-conditions are passed down genetically. Therefore, they are not part of the DNA. Therefore, they are not genetically inherited. Yes, those suffering from mental dysphoria are worthy of our compassion and loving treatment. But, that does not mean that science supports that a man can be born a woman genetically. In fact, science proves the exact opposite. In the face of clear science, are we truly prepared to accept every form of mental mal-condition as just another identity that deserves to freely act out consistent with the dysphoria of the mal-condition? If so, then what about polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality? By the way, why can’t we let Christians be Christians without punishment? After all, everyone else thinks we suffer mentally.

When we boil it down, we know that gender fluidity is just the latest assault on moral absolutes. But, how is the LGBT agenda and Christianity alike? Well, both seek to define human identity that transcends the flesh. Both resist scientific definitions of the physical that exclude recognition of the metaphysical. Both have faith in what eyes can’t see. Both call out an identity which seems worthy of mockery to those who see strictly through flesh. Both lead with identity. But, the main difference between the two is that while we share these similarities, when members of the LGBT community advance such notions they are glorified by our twisted culture. And, Exhibit A of how twisted our culture is, is that this same culture that praises defiance of science by LGBT activists, condemns such activity by Christians. That is hypocrisy. If a Christian self-identifies as the adopted, and full-fledged child of the Creator of the universe, the LGBT activists will be sure to express opposition to such self-identification. But, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander (pun intended).

Further consider that “equality” is the stated goal of their agenda. But, equality is not what is actually being sought in implications. For example, equality does not mean you get to silence your opposition. In fact, if opposition is silenced, inequality is what reigns. Equality means that opposing positions are tolerated to speak and think with neither position being demonized and punished. But, Christian views (and even common sense) are not tolerated today in such a manner - they are certainly demonized. If you believe men should not have access to girls' public showers, you are a “bigot” who is “backwards” and “hateful” along with being “a civil rights violator” and “on the wrong side of history.” You might want to read that sentence repeatedly until it actually sinks in. The desire to silence Christians and/or punish them indicts the agenda as wholly unworthy, period. Any movement that stands in opposition to the very freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution as endowed by God, is wholly unworthy. Those opposed to free speech should be free to speak. And, Constitution-loving citizens should completely ignore and discredit them.

Unfortunately, while the stated goal is equality, the actual result is division. If they were truly motivated by equality they would seek common ground. But, does anyone see any evidence of any desires to find common ground? Or, do we see an agenda that seeks to force everyone else into their way? Don't we all believe that there is a solution that would unite? But, one or both sides are not motivated toward unity. If unity and true tolerance were the guiding principles, all sides would sit down and find the common ground without hurling insults, lawsuits and threats. But, in today’s American culture, apparently guided by a community organizer (a.k.a. divider), that is impossible. So, division conquers all, which means that division will ultimately conquer us. In fact, the LGBT agenda is applauded and encouraged in using tactics including mob threats, stifling free speech, economic boycotts, and punishment through the courts. This leads us to ask a simple question: Who is behaving wrongly, someone protecting young girls from naked men or the agenda demonizing their protectors? Who is truly acting as the bully? Who is truly worthy of discipline in every sense of the word? And, that goes for Christians who act and advocate in a likewise inappropriate manner.

In Mark 3:24 Jesus famously and truthfully said, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” That goes for America too. Sadly, there are principles over which Christians and the members of the LGBT community can agree, but it will probably not happen. We should be able to agree over freedom of speech. We should be able to agree over freedom of thought. We should be able to agree over protection of women and children. All of these are bedrock principles that we all claim to agree with. Unfortunately, the principles of our self-seeking agendas override the principles that are much more worthy of devotion.

Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us that God hates and finds to be an abomination “one who sows discord among brothers.” Sowing discord or causing division is wrong, intolerant, hateful and ugly. But, that is precisely what many are doing in America today. And, maybe division is precisely what they want. After all, division will destroy America. And, maybe the destruction of what America represents is the goal that goes unstated. Christian, regardless of whether that is true, we have an obligation to avoid divisive intent without compromising conviction. If we value the core principles that we hold in common, we would stand firm in them and do so in love. The time will come (probably quickly) for us to be irreversibly divided. Until then, isn’t it encouraging what we have in common?

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