Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Men, Honor the Weaker Vessels

What we honor says everything about who we are. We honor what we value. And, what we value defines us. For the Christian, this is easy to illustrate in how we honor God. And, God has declared that which He implores us to honor after Himself. And, to the extent that we dishonor that which God calls us to honor, we are in fact dishonoring God for the benefit of something else. The spiritual logic of this is plain – but how does it apply to women and children in bathrooms? On this issue, is there something that God calls us to honor? Would God support what we choose to advocate? Is what we advocate honorable?

Before we answer these questions, let’s dispel five effective myths employed by the left today:

1. “North Carolina passed HB2 as an unprovoked bigoted agenda against transgenders.”

No, in fact, NC passed this law solely as a reaction to the city of Charlotte’s attempt to practically open women’s bathrooms to men (even non-transgender). Charlotte’s law was so open that any man can on a given day claim to identify as a woman and have unrestricted access to girls’ public showers. So, the NC legislature acted quickly (maybe too quickly) to protect the weakest and most vulnerable of us for fear of opening bathrooms to sexual predators who would take advantage. To deny the true cause in this case as being Charlotte’s foolish and non-representative law, misses the central reality of the issue. NC was not seeking to pass anything prior to Charlotte’s action. We want to keep gender bathrooms - that's all. It is truly not motivated against tansgenders.

2. “Enforcing gender bathrooms accuses transgenders of sexual danger to others.”

Well if that is the case, then we have always so accused as a society in every state. But, the notion is false. Accusing transgenders is not the position of the vast majority of those insisting on separate gender bathrooms. After all, it has always been thus – and the status quo was never before spun as accusing of transgenders. In fact, HB2 was never about protecting women and children from transgenders. Those in favor are not saying that transgenders will assault women and children. What advocates are aligning with is not allowing heterosexual predators (who are actually not transgender) access to where they should never have access. This should be common sense. Stop and think about it. We go to great lengths to expose sexual offenders by publishing their home addresses in order to protect neighborhoods from exposure to children. But, the left seems to have no problem legalizing sexual predators’ access to our children’s bathrooms, showers and changing rooms? Which is more dangerous, that a sexual predator lives down the street or that he just walked into the stall next to your daughter? Stop and think about the implications. And, by the way, the Hitler argument is getting very worn out.

3. “HB2 is unenforceable.”

First of all that is not true. But, enforcement is secondary. We don’t pass laws just because they are perfectly enforceable (speeding laws, for example). We pass laws primarily to deter crime. But, in spite of that, without such laws, vulnerable women and children have no recourse. Imagine if the left has their way and your wife walks into a bathroom and there is a man in there making her feel very uncomfortable by exposing himself inappropriately. Without HB2, she has no recourse. With HB2, she can notify security and have the man removed. This is common sense. In truth, transgenders have never been denied access to the bathroom of their choosing. Our system was working perfectly fine for transgenders prior to Charlotte introducing bathroom chaos in February. In fact, for hundreds of years we have had a perfectly good system of gender-based bathrooms. We have yet to hear a compelling basis to change what has operated perfectly well. 

4. “HB2 harshly reduces protections for the LGBT community.”

HB2 is about gender bathrooms, not stripping protection. It is meant to restore the law back to where it was in January. If the LGBT community has lost protections, then they did not have them to begin with. And, in almost every other state, they did not have them either. But, the "protections" are fabricated. With this law, there will be no checking of birth certificates at bathroom entrances. Transgenders can go to bathroom wherever they need to go. They don’t need us opening gaping holes to sexual predators just to suit their hijacked interests. After all, if protection is the paramount goal, what is more worthy of protection, a man dressed like a woman, or an actual girl?

5. “If it is good for Europe, it is good for us.”

As the argument goes, certain pockets of Europe have unisex bathrooms. But, what is the point of this argument? We are not Europe. And, newsflash – we don’t want to be Europe. The people of America like and want gender separate bathrooms. What we don’t want is other people in other countries (or those who advocate for them) to tell the rest of us what to do.

With myths aside, let’s quickly address the Target example. This is very important towards the point of this post. Target, the retail chain, has responded by opening all bathrooms and changing rooms to all genders making them all unisex (hint: this is the agenda). I realize there are many Christians who are considering a boycott of Target. But, we don’t believe that supporting boycotts is a good idea. To each his own, but Target is not a Christian organization, and, therefore, we can’t effectively hold them to Christian standards. But, we understand why women (ironically Target’s largest customer base) might be afraid to shop there if they have to use the restroom or changing room. While I probably won’t boycott, if my wife has to use the restrooms or changing rooms, you better believe I will precede her and physically protect her interests with prejudice. But, the main reason we don’t support boycotts is highlighted from the recent “gay marriage” debacle. We support economic freedom and oppose hypocrisy. That means that regardless of their hypocrisy, we support the rights of Bruce Springsteen, PayPal, etc. to not do business with those they disagree with. In fact, we feel the same way about Christian florists, bakers and photographers. It would be hypocritical of us to defend Christian bakers but not Springsteen. But, don’t hold your breath for Springsteen or PayPal to avoid such hypocrisy. By the way, since Target changed its policy, we have our first published arrest in Missouri (Matthew Foerstel, not a transgender). He was videotaping a woman undressing in a Target dressing room having gained access thanks to Target. And, yes, he would not have had access without Target changing its policy. Please hold that thought.

Where is all of this headed? There used to be a Logical Fallacy called “The Slippery Slope”. However, this is no longer a logical fallacy because the majority in our culture has refused to be governed by logic. When the majority abandons logic, the Slippery Slope is enabled. The “gay marriage” debate was a clear example of that. All common sense logicians easily predicted that Christians would be persecuted and jailed as a result. We were accused of Slippery Slope Fallacy until within a just a few weeks, the predictions became reality. And, the Slippery Slope in this case is abolishing gender bathrooms and replacing them with unisex bathrooms, changing rooms and showers. Target is Exhibit A. That is precisely where this is headed in our undisciplined lust to become Europe. And, all of this nonsense is being advanced on behalf of less than one million transgender Americans. So, we are going to march down the slippery slope of modifying all of our restrooms with 350 million toilets and give access to all sexual predators, just to appease the hypothetically fragile emotions of less than 1% of the population. In other words, for the benefit of less than 1% of Americans, over 150 million women and children must be forced to change, shower and defecate in rooms accessed by predatory heterosexual men. Christian, are you still on the bandwagon?

So much for women’s right to privacy. Remember that we have murdered over 50 million babies all under the argument of women’s right to “privacy” under the Constitution ushered in by Roe v. Wade. But, we will deny women intimate privacy in bathrooms, showers and changing rooms? Women, is this truly what you have been fighting for? The only people being discriminated against in this whole perverted debate are women, children and the people of North Carolina. You won’t find the transgender community rampantly up in arms before March 2016 claiming violation of equal protection under the Constitution because of a sign on a bathroom door. That is because if a transgender woman walked into a women’s bathroom in January 2016 in NC, and used the stall, there was no foul. Nobody knew better. Nobody said anything. Nobody stopped them. Nobody denied them access. By Charlotte and the left swinging the pendulum all the way to the other enabling extreme, there will be more discrimination, more fear, and more predatory behaviors. In fact, allowing men to freely use women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and showers has already resulted in criminal assaults in several other states, including at Target. These were not assaults by transgenders, but by those taking advantage of pro-transgender laws that expose women and children to heterosexual predators.

Take for another example our laws against “flashers”. It is illegal for a man to expose himself naked to women in an unwanted fashion both in private and in public. Well, throw that law out the window if we have unisex bathrooms. If we allow men access to women’s restrooms, changing rooms and showers, don’t you think men will be exposing themselves naked to women in unwanted ways? Should a little girl be exposed in a bathroom, shower or changing room to a man’s genitalia? Maybe we should legalize flashing and streaking while we are at it? After all, if you advocate for open access to bathrooms, why not? This analogy further exposes the lack of critical thought that is currently seeming to reign.

Ironically, every four years, the left in this country tries to conjure up an artificial “war on women” (in 2012 over free birth control). Meanwhile, these same leftists are on the front lines battling for the dangerous policies against women and children in bathrooms, showers and changing rooms. Unduly exposing the weakest among us to such danger is much more akin to an actual war on women than making women pay for their own inexpensive birth control. In the case of bathrooms, they happen to be a popular location for sexual assault on women. Greasing the skids for heterosexual predators will result in increased actual, physical and sexual assault on women and daughters. When it comes to protecting women, now is the time to take a stand. Women, do you really want to shower in a public shower with a man who that day conveniently decided to identify as a woman to gain access to you when you are most vulnerable? Women, do you really want to defecate in a stall next to your male boss who identifies as a man? Women, do you want your daughters to be similarly exposed? Can you really be honest with yourself while you claim that this does not make women and children less safe? Are you appeasing an agenda over reality? Are you thinking with your emotions ahead of logic? By the way, that is exactly how the Slippery Slope is greased.

In conclusion, 1 Peter 3:7 says, “husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.” Men, we are defined by what we honor. It is time for men, Christian or not, to stand up and honor the weaker vessels in our lives AT ALL COST. If we won’t honor by protecting our women, what does that say of us? If a man walked into a bathroom behind your wife, what would you do? Well, you better do something now before that hypothetical becomes a reality that you can’t legally prevent. Our women and our daughters are all depending on all of us to stand up for their protection. There is no debate with foolishness. And, the call to stand and defend the weaker vessel is not only part of God-honoring Christianity, it transcends Christianity. It is what every man of honor must do. If we don't, then just like a man who identifies as a woman, we are men in vain.

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