Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Election 2016: Republic and Convention

There are portions of what is currently called the Republican Party that are so blinded by hatred for Donald Trump and/or Ted Cruz, that they align with manipulating the nomination process and intentional subversion of the will of the people. Their tactics include the following:

  • John Kasich, who has no mathematical chance of earning a representative nomination, remains in the race in order to be a possible nominee resulting from a convention fight (a.k.a. spoiler).
  • Former enemies of Cruz are now campaigning for Cruz in order to help him win enough delegates to hopefully deny Trump the requisite number. However, a significant portion of these operatives have no ultimate intention of supporting a Cruz nomination.
  • Cruz is actively negotiating with Trump’s earned delegates in certain states to switch to Cruz contrary to the primary vote results, in anticipation of a convention fight.
  • Cruz and the Republican Party maneuvered to award Cruz 100% of Colorado’s delegates and cancel the scheduled vote altogether.
  • Party officials in certain states are staffing Trump delegates with individuals who hate Trump in order to orchestrate their desired convention outcome through a secondary delegate vote.

Ironically, these manipulations make Trump look like the only true Republican on the ballot. Add to that, conservative elites have been rather loud especially in this election cycle about what they believe are all the sundry positions you must have always held in order to earn the label of “true conservative”. However, the baseline truth is that you can’t be conservative if your actions do the opposite of conserving the principles of Republic. 100% of conservatives agree on this bedrock foundation. But, the manipulators above are operating in breach of these very principles. Elections have consequences which are farther reaching than just determining who wins and loses. If the Republican Party continues its opposition to the principles of Republic, there will probably be no Republican Party in 2017.

What is most jolting about all of this deceitful madness is the manner in which the Republican elites and conservative elites are defending their subversion. They invoke references to the fact that we are a Republic and not a Democracy. They say that this is a nomination process not a democratic election. They try to elevate their newfound devotion to process to equivalency with the cornerstone principle of the rule of law. Lastly, they defend these manipulations by reference to past Conventions. Sadly, all of these defenses are clear distortions of the principles of Republic. We will address each one. In summary, in their lust for pride and/or power, they should be ashamed of further misinforming an already mis-educated public.

Republic is the vehicle that politically conserves our rights to be self-governed (by the people and for the people). As we have posted before, Republic means several things, chief among them is representative government. And, the second chief is the rule of law. All of the distortions and manipulations listed above are in direct violation of the spirit of these two principles. The goal of Republic is to represent the will of the people. Therefore, if the people want a certain candidate nominated, then nominating that candidate would be the Republican and Conservative thing to do. However, in the current dynamic, nominating Kasich would be absolutely antithetical to the principles of Republic. Even worse, nominating Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney is flagrant malpractice of Republic principles. And, if it gets to the point that Ted Cruz loses all routes to a representative nomination, nominating Cruz over a more representative candidate would likewise be dishonorable. This is not an advocacy of Trump, but rather an advocacy of the people and the principles of Republic that protect their right to be self-governed.

The defense of referencing representative government as an analogy to delegates is cute, but entirely lacking. Just because delegates vote towards the nomination in similar manner as the Electoral College elects the President, does not mean that delegates can or should clearly violate the obvious will of the people. Can you imagine in the 1984 Presidential Election, if the Electoral College elected Walter Mondale President over Ronald Reagan? That is analogous to Kasich’s nomination strategy in 2016. Reagan won one of the biggest popular vote landslide victories in US Presidential history. Therefore, the Electoral College represented that by following suit. That is the point. The Electoral College represented the 50 States in a manner consistent with the principles of Republic. Delegates on the Convention floor throwing their support towards a non-representative candidate chosen by the party elite is the furthest thing from Republic, especially since many of the delegates are hand-picked by the party elite

The defense that a nomination is not a democratic election sounds lawyerly enough, but it is horrific. Yes, delegates act as intermediaries of the people. But, an intermediary should uphold representation of those they represent. When delegates oppose the will of the people they are not justified. As they reflect the will of the few, they subvert the will of the people.

The defense that honoring the nomination process is akin to the rule of law is insulting to intelligence. The nomination process is determined by each party each year and not by the people. Allow me to explain how this is not analogous by reference to where we get the word “Republic.” Republic comes from the Latin words Res and Publica, which together means “public thing.” In a Republic, representatives are chosen by the people to represent them by writing law that represents the will of the people under the goal of self-government – government by the people for the people. In ancient times, the representative law was then posted in the public square to make the law the public thing. Then the law was the public thing that ruled the people (a.k.a. the rule of law). That is how Republican self-government works. In the plot to manipulate a contested Convention, the electorate is not self-governed; they are dictated to. The electorate is not represented by a twisted process determined by the elites whereby the will of the people is intentionally ignored. If the goal is to give the people what they want, then that should be the result of the process. In this case, the party elites are scheming to do just the opposite. This is not in the spirit of the rule of law as they so defend. This is the rule of the elites. This is more akin to oligarchy (the rule of man; the rule of the few) than the rule of law (Republic). We should not accommodate these distortions of Republic towards the selfish ends of politicians. They are arrogantly placing their interest above the will of the people.

Lastly, the defense of how Conventions were held in decades past is largely irrelevant in 2016. First, each election cycle has a new Convention with rules of its own. But, regardless of how nominations and Conventions were conducted decades ago, the advents of social media and the 24 hour news cycle enable information transfer to the electorate more so in the past 10 years than it had been afforded in our first 200 years combined. Regardless of historical realities, it is the present reality that the voters turning out in record numbers to the primaries and caucuses expect that they are selecting the nominees. An ill-timed mis-education anchored in centuries gone by will not satisfy a public bent on revolution today. The communication game is lost. And, the major parties better act like they recognize reality.

And, of course, the uneducated press and their incompetent pundits play along as if they have no clue. Maybe they don’t. But, Republic has never had the meaning of subverting the will of the people. If your goal is to mimic and/or honor Republic, in the present dynamic, Trump and Cruz are the only candidates that should be considered at the Republican Convention. Further, it might quickly come to the point where a Cruz nomination would not satisfy the principles of Republic either, if he too loses all routes to justify representation. If the party that calls itself Republican does not nominate in accordance with the clear will of the people, not only will it cease to exist, the notion of Republic will likely suffer a similar fate. That is because the Republican Party is the only major party that still honors and attempts to conserve it. The Libertarian Party is far from strongly influential at this point in time. That may change after 2016.

Christian, by the way, the principles of self-government and the rule of law came from God. In Genesis 1:28, God informs man, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” This was man’s God-endowed command and right to govern themselves. We were informed by God that we have dominion over all creation, including ourselves. And, He gave us only one rule to secure the ideals of this opportunity. Unfortunately, as man has always done, we broke that single rule. While we did, God never revoked His covenant endowing self-government. In fact, it was this covenant (irrevocable promise) that Lucifer took advantage of by deceiving man to submit our dominion to him. And, later on, in Romans 13, God also clearly implored us towards the principle of the rule of law. It was upon Biblical direction that our Founding Fathers established our Republic. These are principles that we must honor as they are God’s and they are honorable.

Representative government and the rule of law are the hallmarks of Republic that are most sacred. And both major parties are now hijacking the term Republic and even stooping to distorting what it represents in order to maintain personal power. If the Republican Party defies the will of the people, the party itself will soon be destroyed. If the only party that calls itself Republican ceases to honor Republic, there is no need for a Republican Party. And, if the Republican elites accomplish what they seem to be attempting, the Republicans will lose this election because the people will not be aligned with them. This is probably the Party’s last chance to get it right before the people do it themselves. The only Republican solution is to nominate the candidate that the people select and unite behind that candidate. That is what you would advocate if you want the party and/or Republic to survive. When the people are clearly screaming about our corrupt and irresponsible government to “burn it down”, what do you think they will do to the Party that stands in their way?

In conclusion, if you are hoping for a Convention that subverts the will of the people in favor of your candidate, you are dishonoring the spirit of Republic. You are acting in a manner that runs counter to conserving representative government and the rule of law. You are abandoning the core of Conservatism. Nobody is asking you to like the outcome. But, a conservative conscience would implore you to respect it. And, if you don’t respect it, there are other parties with candidates you can possibly support. But, as with anything, you can’t conserve Republic by dishonoring it.

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