Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Civil Rights for Jews

Have you ever heard the arguments that regularly flare up over Israeli settlements and Palestinian reactions? It seems that every time a group of Israeli families start to construct settlements, the cries of inflaming tensions arises. Have you ever stopped to critically think about what is actually going on in these situations and whom is inflaming whom? Yes, this is a civil rights issue, but not about the civil rights of Palestinians. At its core, this is actually more about the civil rights of Jews.

Allow me to give you an analogy. Suppose you are an American Indian and America has reserved lands for your tribe to settle on and establish your own sovereign nation. Suppose your tribe’s land is directly adjacent to the hardened descendants of American settlers who used to war against that tribe many decades ago. Suppose your family purchased land inside your reservation near the border in question. Does your purchase and ensuing construction make you guilty of inflaming tensions with neighboring ancestors of American settlers? Should you not be allowed to build on your own land? Is it you who has the problem or is it those who hate you? Are you actually committing an act of hatred by building a home? This is almost exactly what is happening every time you see a news story about Jews being the bad actors by having the “audacity” to build homes (on their own land).

The reason why this is so hard to understand is because those informing us (government and the media) are intentionally confusing the issues. They have chosen a bias, and adopted a narrative that is coded to deceive in favor of their bias. For example, they use the word “settlements.” Settlements is a fancy word for homes. But, "settlements" sounds much more encroaching doesn't it? Instead of reporting the truth to us, they allow normal construction activities to be portrayed as intentional aggression against Palestinians. Does it make sense to anyone that building a home on your own land is an act of aggression?

What Palestinians and their Western mouthpieces are essentially saying is that Jews should not be allowed to live in Judea simply because they are Jews. The land in which these settlements are located is inside of Israel or in Judea. And, the Palestinians object to Israel “occupying” any land anywhere. In fact, Hamas, as part of its charter calls for the annihilation of all Jews not just in Israel, but worldwide. Does that sound familiar? This is the worst form of racism. And, the left in America are those who support this brand of racism by lying to the rest of us. And, it is on this genocidal basis that Palestinians want to establish their own sovereign state. Why would we support any people group wishing to establish their own state upon the basis of the annihilation of another race?

The next time you see a celebrity or politician argue for a Palestinian state and oppose Jewish settlements, we should demand to hear their explicit moral argument. In fact, why are we not demanding to hear the moral argument? Palestinians and their advocates are supporting the notion of a state based upon ethnic cleansing and ethnic purity, which is more code for genocide. Where are the “liberal” values of civil rights and diversity that are being advanced by this cause? Whose civil rights are advanced by the illegal expropriation of land from the Jews to the Palestinians upon racist foundations? Why are we trying to find common ground with such terrorist organizations as Hamas and Holocaust deniers like the PLO? Notice how the Jews are not calling for the genocide of Palestinians. Notice how the Jews are living in tolerance of cohabitation. Who is the bad actor here?

So, “settlers are destroying all prospects for peace”? And, Hamas is not destroying all prospects for peace in their own charter and terrorist actions? But, innocent Jews building homes on their own land must be stopped? And, we in America are largely too poorly educated to critically think long enough to see right through this garbage? When Palestinians and their terrorist sympathizers launch random missiles from the Gaza strip into cities populated with millions of innocent Jews it is not the Jews that are inflaming tensions. But, we are led to believe that those inflaming tensions are the Jews that had the “audacity” to build homes on their own land. That is the moral equivalent of punishing the fat kid for being bullied because he allowed himself to get fat.

Israel has two peace treaties – one with Jordan and one with Egypt. These treaties were signed while Israel was expanding settlements in Judea and Samaria. Israel also signed six agreements with the PLO, none of which the PLO have maintained or adhered to. But, they were all also signed while Israel settlements were being built in Judea and Samaria. How is it that all of a sudden, such settlements are an obstacle to peace? They are not and never were.

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Christian, in today’s environment it will become ever more difficult to defend Israel the more she is hated. But, defend her we must. As we do, we must not allow ourselves to be trapped into a position that labels enjoying private property rights as aggression while ignoring terrorist missile strikes. The safest posture is to always give Israel the benefit of any doubt without affording her genocidal enemies the same luxury.

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