Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Science Has Discovered God!

For years secular-bent scientists have declared the unchallenged notion that science suggests that there is no God. They have further claimed that there is no evidence for the notion of God - or at least that this notion can't be tested inside the confines of the Scientific Method. While, that is true to a reasonable extent, is it true that science suggests that there is no God? Is that really true? What if science has in fact discovered God? And, what if scientists have decided to hide the fact that they did? If they hide such a fact, what does that suggest? Regardless, if science has in fact discovered God, how would that inspire your faith?

For much of this post, I have gleaned from the work of Dr. Gerald Schroeder. Schroeder holds Doctorate degrees in both Physics and Earth Sciences with over 30 years of research and teaching experience. He earned his Bacherlor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He later moved to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and thereafter joined the Volcani Research Institute (in addition to running a research laboratory at The Hebrew University).

Based upon Schroeder's work, the true irony/scandal is that science has in fact discovered God - have I caught your attention? Allow me to show you. Using an internet search engine, if you type in "WMAP," which are the initials for a satellite, you will find a diagram labeled "History of the Universe" (you can also click HERE). This diagram shows the development of the universe from its beginning (creation) to now. This is a timeline depicting what we have collectively discovered regarding the history of the universe. Every word on that diagram comes from the NASA site. This diagram is the condensed knowledge of the scientific community of how the universe began (was created) and how it got to where we are today. Each of the vertical lines in the diagram represent a billion years (we can debate the measure these time intervals - but that is a separate topic for another day).

The diagram starts at the extreme left with a burst of energy/light (the big bang) and proceeds to the right end of the diagram which is an expanding oval that indicates that the universe is expanding in all directions. But, with regards to the extreme left edge of the diagram, this depicts the near unanimous view that the universe in fact had a beginning. Ironically, approximately 50 years ago, the prevailing majority of scientists claimed that the universe was eternal with no "beginning" per se. And, for the past 50 years these majority of scientists used this declaration of the alleged universe's eternality to attack the Bible as being scientifically false from the very first sentence ("In the beginning"). However, science has definitely now concluded that the universe did in fact have a beginning. And, this conclusion probably has near zero opposition today.

To support these claims the scientists of Bell Labs years ago discovered the "echo" of the big bang (or the energy left over from this massive explosion). These scientists were operating under prior hypotheses that the universe began with a single and spectacular explosion. So, they set out to find the remnant energy from such a universe-sized "bang." And that is precisely what they found. And, literally overnight, without fanfare, the Bible was found to be correct as it always is. Science absolutely supports the Bible's assertion that the Earth had a beginning as first recorded by Moses so many centuries ago.

With that, let's return to the diagram to see what else Science has supported in the Bible. The black that surrounds the diagram is nothing. This blackness literally represents the nothingness that surrounds the universe. This is not a vacuum since vacuums exist inside the diagram and not outside. In fact vacuums are empty space - and space is something (not nothing). The nothingness that surrounds the diagram represents literally nothing (in every sense of the word). This nothingness does not fit in the human brain because we tend to think in a box confined to time, space and matter/energy. No human, no matter how intelligent, is capable of thinking outside of that box. We are entirely incapable of totally conceiving the concept of nothingness or nothing. We can fool ourselves into thinking that we have. But, this self-fooling can only be delusional. Any concept that we can come up with of nothingness always has an element of something to it. The fact that science has discovered that the universe is surrounded by nothing is crucially important.

How is all of this reflect the scientific discovery of God? Notice at the far left of the diagram at what is labeled as the cause (or creator) of this big bang. The cause or creation of the big bang is credited to "Quantum Fluctuations." In other words, the universe allows for the creation of something from nothing provided that you have the laws of nature. But, let's pause there and examine these claims. First, the laws of nature are something and not nothing. Therefore, we are still stuck with the unanswered question of what caused the laws of nature to exist? But, with regards to the central claim, over 40 years ago, Drs. Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were published in the Journal of Nature revealing the scientific support for the universe allowing for the creation of something from nothing provided that you have the laws of nature (quantum physics, relativity, etc.). And, where else have you heard this concept of creating the universe from nothing? Again, this is declared by the Bible. Hebrews 11:3 says, "By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible." The Bible made a bold declaration that the universe was created "ex nihilo" or from nothing as recorded by the author of Hebrews in the First Century A.D. And, for decades, some of these same scientists decried this Bible reference as foolish. Now, they embrace the concept, but only for their own ends. In spite of the Bible again proclaiming truth that took science thousands of years to prove, the human author of Hebrews (and God) is never given credit, while the Bible continues to be attacked. But, who is the bad actor, the Bible or those hiding its proof?

And, that is not where the scientific discovery of God ends. With all of that said, let's now summarize what science has actually discovered - the universe can be created from absolutely nothing provided we have the forces/laws of nature. Keep in mind that the laws of nature are not physical. Rather, they act on the physical. Therefore, if they created the universe, that means that these laws pre-date or existed before the universe. Therefore, science has agreed that the creator of the universe is the laws of nature. And, these laws of nature have the following characteristics: 1) They are not physical, 2) They act on the physical, 3) They created the physical from nothing, and 4) They predate the universe, which means that they predate our understanding of time. Put that all together and it sounds very familiar doesn't it? That is in fact entirely consistent with the Biblical definition of God. God is not physical but acts on the physical. God created the universe from nothing and predates time (in fact God is not bound by time). Science has discovered God and refuses to admit it.

God does exist and science supports this notion. And, regardless of your beliefs, this same God is active in your life today. After all...if God didn't cultivate this moment in time, would you be here reading this? That means that this same scientifically-supported God that is eternal and created the universe from nothing is active in your life today. All you need to do is join science in embracing this scientific truth - except as you do, do so by His true name. That name is Jesus!

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