Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Transition Announcement

Last week's post was a transition point for this blog. As some of you know, I have been following a call to use this blog as a means to bless others. But, secondarily, it has also been a means to publish my material in book format. I am doing that for my posterity, and for any others who desire to have this information in a printed form. Last week's post was the final post completing my prepared materials for publishing. Now comes the compiling, editing, proofing and ultimate printing. The book will likely have some more material primarily for bridging topics, and it will be more user friendly for those wanting to use it as a reference. When the book is ready, I will let my readers know how they can order a copy if they like. The goal for publishing is primarily for my family. For that reason, I am not seeking to personally profit from that endeavor. In fact, any net proceeds will be donated to Camp Bahamas, a Christian youth camp run by my brother, Richard. And, if you don't need a written copy, I plan to keep this site up as long as I can. So, it is available for free regardless.

While I am working on the publishing effort, I plan on keeping this site active and posting "apologetic" reactions to current events for ongoing benefit to those who stay tuned in. And, if the Lord leads me to change course, I will obey. It has been an honor to be on this journey for the past year. I am honored by the affirmations of my spiritual brothers and sisters on Facebook (where I allow comments to posts). I am also honored by the almost 8,000 page reads that my blog has experienced across the world during this time. I realize that number is small relative to more mainstream blogs. But, I am so blessed by what God has done and will do through this effort. This is part of my life's work. This is my "mustard seed" and my small contribution to the discussion at large. I have Faith that God will use this small act of obedience to accomplish tasks worthy of His glory. It is my prayer and wish that everyone reading my work will realize how amazingly loved they are by God. Be blessed as you follow Him!

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